Seeing the World Through My Eyes (My Frame)

I never really considered framing to be that important when taking a good photo. I knew that it was a thing, but I was never actually thought about it until now.

When I physically/virtually put the grids onto my images, it changed the game!

It made it much easier for all of my pictures to stay the same size, making the collection of them much more cohesive.


Without seeing the “golden mean” grid actually on my phone, while I was taking the pictures, posed a real struggle at first. As you can tell, I started off with a simple image of a 6, turned on it’s side, that replicated that of the “golden mean” grid. Since it is a flat image with no depth of field, I’m not quite sure if it does qualify for the “golden mean”, but I thought it was interesting how it lined up very well.


The “rule of thirds” grid was much easier to manipulate and control, since I have it programed on my iPhone to automatically show while I’m taking a photo. This picture shows how my left foot is placed on the right vertical line of the photo. With my feet on the right side of the photo, it gives the viewer a chance to look at all of the surrounding elements.


This image has a great depth of field and is perfect for the “golden mean” rule. The bench is where the viewer’s eye initially goes, then it slowly moves to the ground, and then out to the field and the sky.


This photo is all about the lines and symmetry of the wood panels and door hinge. The grid allowed me to center the picture in a more strategic way.


This last image also has a heavy focus on lines, and the grid served as a better way to align the image to make it more balanced.

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