Saint Joseph’s University Seen Through Texture

Finding texture in all things is simple, once you force yourself to notice. As I was taking pictures of things outside, I got caught up in trying to find too many textures from the same things (grass, concrete, etc.). I wasn’t doing that great of a job by thinking outside the box. I started to look at things like shoes, statues, and even skin!

It’s fascinating to know that there is such a range of textures surrounding us on a daily basis. There is a certain flow to these textures, as well, that could tell a story. They would make beautiful works of art if someone took the time to notice and create a magnificent piece from the ordinary.
IMG_6965 IMG_6966 IMG_6968 IMG_6971 IMG_6972 IMG_6974 IMG_6980

I'm a student from Philadelphia constantly seeking the remedy for happiness.

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