It’s Not Photoshop. It’s History!

Technology has allowed my dreams to come to life via Photoshop. Getting the oppertunity to spend time with both the President of Saint Joe’s and America, One Direction, and (of course) Jesus would not be made possible without the Bézier curve. 

In all of its glory, this function on Photoshop allowed me to make a precision cutout of myself and place it on different backgrounds that, unfortunately, are fictitious to my life. Even in my previous Graphic Design class, I never was exposed to such a tool. I’m assuming because it may have been too complicated to explain, as it is difficult to get the hang of.

The Bézier Curve Game made utilizing this feature a lot more simple, all the while encouraging creative fun! This is such a good resource to use for beginners, and also to freshen up on previous skills. 100% recommend.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 3.51.45 PM

I struggled in the beginning when it came to outlining my actual body, instead of a car or heart. By zooming in really close to the edges, I was able to make a slight mistake without it causing a drastic change in my body. The PHLEARN tutorial was really helpful because I was able to go back to it when I forgot a step.

When I finally completed my whole body, I felt so accomplished and was laughing at all of the funny backgrounds I could put me onto.

Just helping Mark Reed out with his speech.
Just helping Mark Reed out with his speech.
Another President I aim to support. “Kellie O’Brien, what’s your favorite color”.
No one can tell me that this didn’t happen.
Dinner with my boys. We are in college, so we could only afford ramen and some stale bread.


Casually hanging out with my friends from Harvard.
Casually hanging out with my friends from Harvard.

I'm a student from Philadelphia constantly seeking the remedy for happiness.

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