Finding My Inner Zen via Paper

College students are often told to “find their balance”. Whether that’d be in health, friends, school, or time, we hear this on a daily basis. But how often do we actually hear it when it concerns paper?

Designers, on the other hand, hear this just as much as college students do. In my Visual Rhetorics class, my fellow classmates and I are all beginners in this area.

We were given a piece of blank white paper and a black square.


We made a Notan to demonstrate how to balance a design. At first, it was difficult because you have no idea what your final piece will look like and you keep on questioning if you actually are doing it correctly.

We had to let our creativity roam free while we drew our design onto the black square.
My design before I cut out the shapes.

Once I started cutting out my design I could tell that it was going to look great. When all of my pieces were cut, the balancing part came much easier.

All of my pieces before they were glued.

Once I found the balance, I could see the reason behind the project. It was really interesting to see all of the elements of the photo really balanced by their inverse. If I could have changed one thing from my final product, I would have made all the cutouts to be around the same size. My square wasn’t centered so that through off the balance a lot.



I'm a student from Philadelphia constantly seeking the remedy for happiness.

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