Advice From A Retired Flower Girl

My listical for Buzzfeed: Advice From a Retired Flower Girl

  • It was challenging to look at my old memories from the weddings I was in and make a sarcastic, yet funny comment about how the wedding should be all about the flower girl. I also dedicated a lot of time finding the photos for this article. It took a lot of  digging through old embarrassing childhood photos.
  • I tried my best to make the images as parallel to the caption as possible, so that the reader is able to see a story evolving as they scroll through the article.
  • My list doesn’t contain value to everyone. In fact, it really isn’t valuable at all. But I would say that people who have been flower girls in the past would appreciate it.
  • The visuals enhance the text by giving the viewer a nostalgic look at what being a flower girl was like and will be like. I think that most people who were flower girls have very similar experiences and photos that match mine.

I’m glad I can share this with the flower girl community. It’s one heck of a community!

I'm a student from Philadelphia constantly seeking the remedy for happiness.

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